Dianna T.

I have been working with Adrianna and Ascended Master Andua for about five years now.  With the help of their loving guidance I have transformed from someone who lived life from the perspective of all my negative thoughts and feelings to someone who has found a sense of well being and connection to my heart and true self.  They have helped me to let go of toxic people and situations because there is rightness in doing so, because I must take care of myself in the deepest sense.

The shift from constantly living in the mind’s world, from the mind’s thoughts to living in the heart’s world, in rightness with self and others has truly been life changing.  I am a work in progress, I have worked on myself most of my adult life but struggled tremendously to find that real connection to myself and spirit and to sustain that connection.  Adrianna and Andua have helped me to find the clarity and sustain the connection I have always longed for.  I meet with them regularly once a month to strengthen that connection and work on the challenges life continues to present so that I may evolve even deeper into love.