Alexandra S.

Several years ago I was in a traumatic car accident, which greatly injured my neck and shoulders. While the x-rays showed no broken bones I was in severe pain and had to take a leave of absence in the middle of my college semester to cope with the injuries. My doctor advised me to see a chiropractor as part of my rehabilitation. During one of the chiropractic sessions while my back was being manipulated I felt a sharp pain in my lower spine, but was uncertain what to make of it. Within an hour my lower back, which had been fine prior to that visit, began experiencing sharp shooting pains. When I ran my hand along my vertebrae I could feel an unfamiliar hard bulge, which was excruciatingly painful with even the slightest touch. As the days turned into months of this intolerable pain in my spine I began to worry that my only option to push the rotated vertebrae back into place would be surgery.

I sought out Adrianna hoping that a massage would help loosen the tight muscles around this area and provide some much needed relief. I had received several massages from her previously and trusted her healing techniques to help me find comfort again. When I arrived for my session with Adrianna we discussed my injury and she informed me that Reiki could be a beneficial modality for treatment. I had always been interested in the concept of Reiki and although I didn’t completely grasp the concept in its entirety I agreed to give it a try.

While Adrianna channeled healing energy through her hands into my body I recall an image that appeared in my mind. An ominous Celtic knot appeared to be hovering above me surrounded by a gray mist. The knot was intricately interlaced and it was so tightly woven that it was impossible to follow it from one end to the other. This lingering image of the knot was very surreal and resembled an endless labyrinth which I associated with the ongoing back pain I had been forced to cope with. As the session continued this Celtic knot began changing color from stark black to cloud grey, and gradually faded to a faint sage green. Suddenly the intensely entwined knot began to unravel in snake like movements. Soon all that remained was one long strand of woven rope standing vertically on end. It swayed from side to side as if a gentle breeze was rocking it ever so slightly. I felt a tingle of energy run through my entire body as the last of the image dissolved and I opened my eyes.

As the session ended Adrianna asked me how I was doing and how my back felt. It took me a moment to reconnect with my physical body. When I did I noticed something was different, something was better. I moved my back and ran my hand down my spine and for the first time in many months I was able to actually touch my spine on the painful location without cringing in agony. It felt cooler to the touch where before it was always on fire. I was astonished to find that there no longer was any sort of bulging vertebrae. It was as if it had somehow magically moved back to where it belonged. I was blown away with the results and felt an enormous sense of relief.  Adrianna further discussed with me the image that I had seen and reminded me to take it easy and to keep her posted on my healing. Within the next couple of days I continued to notice how my spine improved. I had increased range of motion and minimal pain. Within a week I no longer felt pain, only a slight tenderness in that area which also disappeared completely.

To this day I am both amazed and thrilled with the outcome of the healing experience that I had with Adrianna. She is an intuitive and nurturing Reiki practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing on a multitude of levels. I have returned to see her twice since this experience, each for very different reasons, and each and every time I have been delighted with the outcome.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of healing!