Julie M.

Thirty-four years ago I did a bad thing to a good person, and it’s haunted me ever since. The repercussions bordered on tragic and affected more than just the two of us. “WHY?” I’ve asked myself countless times. “I’m not a bad person, so why did I do it?” It’s getting late in my life and I know I’d have to answer for it eventually. It’d been keeping me awake at night. So I made an appointment to meet Andua for the first time.  In tears and frustration I explained it all to him. He listened carefully and thoughtfully and was silent for some time. “Do you see yourself as loving?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “It was an unhealthy situation for all of you,” he said, “and and it needed to stop. What you did was direct, and was the only way to end it.”  “But the consequences,” I said. He answered: “You and everyone had a choice of how to proceed. Their actions resulted in their consequences. Was there another way to do it?” I thought for a few moments. “No.” “Your life process,” he said, “is to evolve, trust your self, listen to the voice inside, love and care for your self, and change the world. Your attunement is to rightness and greatness.”  This is, of course, an hour’s conversation boiled down to a few sentences. The relief I felt and still feel is huge and has changed my life. This won’t be our last appointment.