Marina S.

Andua saved my life, it’s that simple. I was in an abusive relationship and everyone was saying you need to get out, which was right, but I couldn’t and I felt like a failure. A friend of mine gifted me a reading with him and I was sure he was going to say the same thing, how could he not. But he didn’t. I’ll never forget that first session. I was in so much pain inside and when I left I felt lighter and hopeful for the first time. He never told me I needed to leave the relationship, he gave me options. It took me 8 months to end things but when I did I was ready and it felt good. I’ve never looked back except to try and understand why I let those things happen to me. I have love for myself now and I’ve forgiven myself for my part in things. My friend who gave me that first session, Andua, and Adrianna gave me the opportunity to change my life around and I could not be more grateful.