Maria and Russell

Adrianna’s ability to communicate with my horse has opened up a new and fascinating world for us. Knowing what he needs, where he hurts, and what he thinks of his life and our relationship has enabled me to take our relationship to a whole new level. Life before Adrianna always left me wondering and/or worried about Russell. Now I get to live in awe of his magnificence and grow with him in unimaginable ways. Thank you, Adrianna, much love from both of us!

Dianna T.

I have been working with Adrianna and Ascended Master Andua for about five years now. With the help of their loving guidance I have transformed from someone who lived life from the perspective of all my negative thoughts and feelings to someone who has found a sense of well being and connection to my heart and true self.

Scott R.

I started working with Andua over a year ago and when I look back at the impact his guidance has had on my life I am astounded. Granted, I was ready to change things and that helped, but I know for a fact I could not have moved the way I have had it not been for his ability to take me by the hand and step by step, week by week, explain with patience and love where I was and what was needed.

Marina S.

Andua saved my life, it’s that simple. I was in an abusive relationship and everyone was saying you need to get out, which was right, but I couldn’t and I felt like a failure. A friend of mine gifted me a reading with him and I was sure he was going to say the same thing, how could he not. But he didn’t. I’ll never forget that first session. I was in so much pain inside and when I left I felt lighter and hopeful for the first time.

Julie M.

Thirty-four years ago I did a bad thing to a good person, and it’s haunted me ever since. The repercussions bordered on tragic and affected more than just the two of us. “WHY?” I’ve asked myself countless times. “I’m not a bad person, so why did I do it?” It’s getting late in my life and I know I’d have to answer for it eventually. It’d been keeping me awake at night. So I made an appointment to meet Andua for the first time … The relief I felt and still feel is huge and has changed my life. This won’t be our last appointment.

Alexandra S.

To this day I am both amazed and thrilled with the outcome of the healing experience that I had with Adrianna. She is an intuitive and nurturing Reiki practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing on a multitude of levels. I have returned to see her twice since this experience, each for very different reasons, and each and every time I have been delighted with the outcome.