Adrianna is the channeler for Choose to Heal. Through her, divine information is received. She has had the gift of hearing messages from Spirit (clairaudience) since she was a child. Because she lacked understanding about the source of the voice inside her, however, she concealed this ability throughout her childhood, always listening to the voice but never speaking of it.

In 1985, at the age of 20, Adrianna went to Italy to stay with family for a 6 month vacation. She fell in love with the culture and her family and resided there for almost eight years. Three years into her stay, she met a man who had psychic abilities and was able to channel. From this encounter, Adrianna understood for the first time that the unique voice inside her was actually an ethereal teacher and guide. This understanding was reassuring and allowed her to establish a relationship with her guide and to hear the information given in a new way.

After Adrianna’s return to the U.S. in 1993, her life’s calling to serve God emerged and everything began to center on her calling. She became a student of A Course in Miracles and took classes pertaining to her psychic abilities so she could fine-tune her gifts and learn how to direct them. She started channeling her teacher through the medium of automatic writing and began doing readings for family and friends. Around this time, Adrianna experienced her first miraculous healing. Since her early teens, she had suffered from a stomach pain that required medicine on a daily basis. During a hands-on healing session in which the focal point was her stomach, Adrianna unexpectedly received information on the emotional core of the physical discomfort she had experienced every day for more than 15 years. The information she received allowed for the emotional healing to begin and the physical symptoms left, never to return again.

Her second miraculous healing came in April 2000 at the holy site in Lourdes, France, where she had been going in pilgrimage as a volunteer since 1997. On this particular journey, the prayer she held steadfastly in her heart was to “see” through the eyes of Christ. The answer to that prayer came through the physical healing of the disabling tendonitis she had in her wrists, elbows, and shoulders. The chronic pain of four years was removed from her body and she was left with a miraculous gift that gave her the ability to “see” through touch (clairsentience). This newfound “sight” combined with her clairaudience opened a wondrous new door. She began to study the intrinsic relationship between mind, body, and spirit and, by 2002, she held certification as a Reiki master and massage therapist. The readings she did for people from this point on included information received through her personal guide, the other person’s spirit, and/or the person’s body.

In October 2003 Ascended Master Andua came to Adrianna, saying that they had a shared desire of wanting to help beings remember who they really are at source. Andua works with the public through Adrianna, giving readings to those who seek to know more about their spirit’s purpose. The phenomenon of allowing Spirit to inhabit her body temporarily in order to deliver divine information has become an ordinary occurrence in Adrianna’s life, one that is extraordinary each and every time.