Equine Readings

I have a special gift, one that has allowed me to enter the secret world of horses. I can literally hear them and they have taught me a great deal about their reality. They are unique, sensitive, intelligent beings just like humans and they have a great deal to teach us about their world that is very different from ours.

We often put our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs onto them but they have a distinct perspective through which they view things. Being able to communicate with your precious animal opens a world of opportunity. If there is a behavioral problem then there is probably a reason for it and often it’s not what you might think. If there is a health concern they may very well be able to give you simple insight that can lead you to the problem. Or you may just have questions for them like “do you like your pasture mate?” or “why do you get anxious when trailering?”.

After hearing from your horse, it’s my hope that you will understand something that will change the way you know them. Please contact me to schedule a reading or with any questions regarding a reading for your horse.