Reiki works with the energetic systems of the physical and metaphysical bodies. When those two systems are brought together they become a powerful tool for healing. In the 20 years I have been doing Reiki I have seen miraculous things happen, healing happens and it changes peoples lives. It is undeniable that we are energetic beings and energy is stored in the physical body. When the energy stored is out of attunement it affects the whole being, human and spirit. Abuse, trauma, even something as simple as our own negative thoughts, creates systemic imbalances. Those imbalances are felt in a number of ways. People can feel anxious or worried without cause, have underlying feelings of anger or sadness without motive, or they can be quick to self-judge at the cost of self-love. These imbalances can be transformed with attention and intention but first you must understand the source. Reiki is a valuable modality that can bring the disharmony into attunement. The Reiki sessions I do are unique in that I often hear from the spirit of the being on the table allowing sub conscious information to be brought forth into consciousness. As a channel and messenger for the Universe there is a sacred agreement that no information will be brought to me in the session that the being I am with is not ready to receive. This is how we are both protected and I am free to bring whatever comes forth. It is from here that one can look at what is happening on a deeper level and with study and process can understand what is needed to heal and move forward.