Spiritual Life Coaching

The work I do originates from the premise that we are spirits evolving through a human experience, not humans evolving through a spiritual experience. In order to evolve as a human,  you must have a navigational map. Like a journey into foreign lands, the traveler must know the topography of the landscape they are attempting to understand and master, in order to reach their destination. Throughout Earth’s history, there have been a multitude of ‘maps’ or forms given, through which the purpose and meaning of life, on and after Earth, could be understood. Nineteen years ago, I was given a new form from Ascended Masters in hopes of expediting the evolutionary process for those who were ready to receive it.

The structure of the new template I offer is based on duality, in this case, a nature having two states that oppose, rather than compliment, one another. These opposite realities have been called many things over time but are more commonly referred to as that which is good and evil, right and wrong, love and fear. The new form I was given defines these opposing forces as two systems of creation, and calls them: The Heart and The Mind.

Each system utilizes the human brain, our biological tool for sorting and processing information. In this new form, the ‘Mind’ is not defined as the brain or its innate operations. The use of the word ‘Heart’ is not defined as a human organ or a singular expression of love. They are terms used to simplify a complicated understanding of two systems of creation. The Heart is a feeling realm that is real, right, infinite, and based on love. The Mind’s is a thinking realm that is false, finite, and based on fear. The spiritual truths and laws associated with the Heart’s system have the ability to invalidate the complex non-reality of the Mind’s system, thereby offering you a safe and loving world through which to operate.

My spiritual coaching involves helping you identify your Mind patterns, that were created at infancy, as an adaptive response to a fear based reality. It is only when you fully understand something can you change it. I will also illuminate the Heart’s world, teaching you about its truths and laws, in order to stimulate your own remembrance of what is real and right about yourself and others. This will allow you the opportunity to choose between two worlds (instead of one), through which you can navigate your journey on Earth. The right to choose is your birthright, which was taken away from you when the Mind’s world convinced you IT was the only reality to choose from, thus creating victimization.

The Heart’s pathway is about caring for the real self, and the tools for accomplishing this. I will present the tools for you to consider, including a deep understanding and  practical application of them in real life. I will not go beyond our readiness, which you will show me. Trust your feelings you are having as you read my information, and call me for a free consultation if you experience a resonance with it. To choose evolution on Earth is a brave endeavor. I salute your choice to seek greater peace and compassion for self and others, through greater knowledge and understanding of what is real. God speed.

The Cost

$120 per hour.