About Adrianna Kalember, Channel and Healer

Growing and Helping Others

I have dedicated my life to growing my evolution and helping others do the same. It is a never-ending expansion of experiential understanding accompanied by the deepest desire to share that knowledge with anyone ready and willing to learn.

At a very early age I heard the voice of Spirit. This voice came as an adult male, benevolent, loving, and deeply comforting. It guided me off and on throughout my life depending on my connection to self and Spirit.

For the past 30 years it has been a constant force giving me ethereal information to use in a very practical way in my human life. My teachers are disincarnate Ascended Masters of the highest and purest form.

They also work with my human teacher whose teachings and level of evolution show me where I am headed and how to get there.

Phenomena is a natural occurrence in my life. I surpassed all doubt of its existence at an early age because the source that graced me was consistent and oh so clearly not of this world, and yet very intimately a part of it. I am a bridge from this world to other worlds, and I hold my position and gifts as sacred.

I have had and given miraculous healings. I can hear from the Spirit of others, regularly channel my ethereal teachers, and have a sight that allows me to see how Spirit moves and works harmoniously with humans.

I have spent my lifetime understanding the relationship between Spirit and human and learning about Universal law and where Spirit can enter and help, and where it can’t. While I have very adept physic abilities, I do not practice this medium in a traditional form.

I live in Sebastopol, California with my partner of over 20 years and our 2 beautiful Egyptian Mau cats. Barn life with our horse and a good round of golf bring balance to my life.

And by far my greatest joy is watching my grand-kids live their lives in accordance with the teachings they too have been given. They are amazing, special beings, whom I love deeply and uniquely. They give me hope for the future.

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