Channeled Guidance by Adrianna

Bringing You Messages from Ascended Master Andua

Andua resides in the purest realm of the One and comes to help beings remember what is real about who they are and why they are here.

It is his mission to promote spiritual growth within the human experience. It’s imperative to Andua that his spiritual readings are not only insightful and inspiring, but that his instruction is practical and useful.

He is exquisite at offering spiritual advice to help people in their daily lives. He will masterfully take you one step at a time through your human discomfort and bring you into the spiritual understanding needed to move, in rightness, towards comfort.

There is nothing that is too much for Him. He knows that as Spirit everything you need is inside you to heal and grow, if you cannot see it, with readiness, he will show it to you.

His information comes from Spirit’s highest source and is uncontaminated by the human filter. Adrianna Kalember is the channel for his profound spiritual teachings and guidance.

Adrianna Kalember as Channel

Adrianna Kalember has been clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant most of her life and began channeling Ascended Master Andua in 2003.

She is the bridge that allows for an extraordinary and deeply personal experience to occur between heaven and earth, Spirit and human. It is her purpose, her joy, and the greatest gift she has been given. To learn more about the unfoldment of her abilities, please go to the “About” page.

About the Channeled Message Experience

Spirit Readings

Adrianna will give a brief introduction to the channeled process and guidelines for the interactive dialogue. The reading itself is approximately 45-60 minutes.

Andua will connect with your Spirit and read your energetic field. He will ask questions related to where you are and what you hope to achieve from the session.

He’ll offer valuable information regarding your entire life, past, present, and future from the perspective of an evolving spiritual being in an evolving human experience.

It is not necessary to prepare questions before coming but if you have questions, he will answer them accordingly. You will be given specific tools applicable to your reading that will help facilitate changes that will bring a greater sense of peace and comfort.

After he leaves, Adrianna will discuss the information given to ensure your understanding of the material and its integration into daily life. She will answer any remaining questions you might have. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own device for recording the session.

Progressive Guidance

Spiritual guidance with Ascended Master Andua is the quintessential alternative to traditional psychotherapy. For continuous instruction, Andua uses a very personal and practical method to move the individual step by step in accordance with their readiness. He presents a structural approach because he believes that structure helps build a solid foundation, which is essential in order to effectuate real, substantial, and sustained change and healing.

On Site and Virtual Services

Adrianna offers on-site services for readings and ongoing guidance with Ascended Master Andua at her beautiful home in Sebastopol, California located in idyllic Sonoma County. Virtual Services are also available, bringing Andua’s wisdom and direction to your home via phone. Please contact Adrianna to make an appointment.
Call 707-332-9216 or email


$200 per hour.*

*rate adjustment considered for special circumstances 

Free Phone Consultation

Get a free, 15-20 minute consultation by phone and get all of your questions answered.

Many clients find that this initial consultation is a helpful initial step.

Teachings from Andua