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Your Personal Invitation from Healer, Coach and Channel Adrianna Kalember

Welcome, I’m grateful your desire for emotional, spiritual, or physical well being has brought you to my website today.

As a coach, Reiki practitioner, spiritual channel, and body worker, my life’s purpose is to be a conduit for healing, learning, and sustained growth. If you are looking for help, know that it would be my joy to assist and support you on your journey.

–Adrianna Kalember

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Like All Things in Life, Healing is a Choice…

If you are choosing to heal and have questions about what’s next, let’s explore how we might work together. Please read about the forms of work I offer and let me know what questions you have about Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, Pain Management or Channeled Guidance. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation >>

–Adrianna Kalember

Adrianna is the bridge that allows for an extraordinary and deeply personal experience to occur between heaven and earth, Spirit and human. It is her purpose, her joy, and the greatest gift she has been given.

Adrianna has been clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant since early age. In 2003, she began channeling Ascended Master Andua. Andua resides in the purest realm of the One, and comes to help beings remember what is real about who they are and why they are here.

Adrianna’s channeled guidance from Andua can provide profound insights that help you achieve greater understanding, direction, and spiritual growth.

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Working with countless clients over the decades, Adrianna has learned what drives all of us at the core of our humanness. We all have a desire to understand our past, get in touch with our purpose, and engage in a meaningful way with those around us.

Adrianna’s coaching work originates from the premise that we are spirits evolving through a human experience-not
humans evolving through a spiritual experience.

As a certified life coach, Adrianna blends this understanding with practical expertise in coaching. The result is an experience of greater clarity, control, and momentum in areas that are currently beset with obstacles.

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The human body archives information that is derived from physical and emotional experiences. Painful or difficult experiences left unattended or unresolved create blocks in the body’s energetic system and can lead to physical discomfort, illness, and anxiety.

Following her own miraculous physical healing in Lourdes in 2000, Adrianna began to study energy in the human body and became a certified Reiki III master. Her gift of clairsentience, the ability to hear spirit, adds an invaluable layer of understanding to her sessions.

It is in understanding the source of our pain, at the deepest level, that we can begin to heal. With the right guidance, you can heal one step at a time in comfort, even when it’s uncomfortable.

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There are countless modalities offered today that help to relieve, manage, and heal pain in the body. The modalities Adrianna offers are proven and effective ways that are non-invasive and can reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Radial Shockwave Therapy reduces pain, heals tissue, and promotes cell regeneration.

Shockwave Therapy is a series of high-energy percussions to the affected area.

It is a medical treatment that utilizes ultrasound technology to send the acoustic waves into a targeted area to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Learn more about Radial Shockwave Therapy >>

What Adrianna’s Clients Say…

“To this day I am both amazed and thrilled with the outcome of the healing experience that I had with Adrianna. She is an intuitive and nurturing Reiki practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing on a multitude of levels. I have returned to see her twice since this experience, each for very different reasons, and each and every time I have been delighted with the outcome.” –Alexandria

“Adrianna is a powerhouse! Her ability to connect and guide you is exceptional. I first met Adrianna for a Reiki session in December 2021. The knowledge and passion she brought forth to help bring me peace and comfort is exquisite. Each session of spiritual coaching or channeled spiritual guidance with Ascended Master Andua builds my understanding of how to love and take care of myself. I highly recommend Adrianna.” –Jason and Sarah Martin

“I’ve have massages, Reiki, and readings done by Adrianna. Each time I walk away relaxed, healed and with new information. There’s just something about her that brings a feeling of calm when in her presence. Just an amazing human being with gifted talents! If you’re looking for physical healing, energy healing or spiritual healing, Adrianna has you covered. Cannot recommend her enough.” –Denise Bryant

“Adrianna and Andua are am impeccable team. I have had energy work (reiki) and clearings from Adrianna and they always gets things shifting and I am then more open and able to move through life. Readings with Andua have done more for me than I can express. He has the most beautiful ways of taking any problem and seeking internal solutions. I am always set up with practical and comforting guidance from a deep and loving source.” –Nicole Valentine

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