Reiki for Peace and Well being

When everything is in attunement in the body, there is balance and harmony with all aspects of your beingness. It is a natural state of perfection that is nirvana when you are in it and near impossible to maintain. It requires discipline, devotion, desire, and time. Reiki is one tool, one modality that helps achieve the holistic balance needed to have inner peace and an overall sense of well beingness. Reiki is attributed for calming the central nervous system, providing mental clarity, reducing stress, quieting negative thought, and uplifting the spirit. People often ask me how often they should have a Reiki treatment. There’s not one answer, it is unique to each individual based on need. What I can say is anytime you are feeling emotionally or spiritually out of sorts, or need clarity about something, that’s a good time for a session!

Healing Through Reiki

Reiki works with the energetic systems of the physical and metaphysical bodies. When those two systems are brought together they become a powerful tool for healing. In the 20 years I have been doing Reiki I have seen miraculous things happen, healing happens and it changes peoples lives. It is undeniable that we are energetic beings and energy is stored in the physical body. When the energy stored is out of attunement it affects the whole being, human and spirit. Abuse, trauma, even something as simple as our own negative thoughts, creates systemic imbalances. Those imbalances are felt in a number of ways. People can feel anxious or worried without cause, have underlying feelings of anger or sadness without motive, or they can be quick to self-judge at the cost of self-love. These imbalances can be transformed with attention and intention but first you must understand the source. Reiki is a valuable modality that can bring the disharmony into attunement. The Reiki sessions I do are unique in that I often hear from the spirit of the being on the table allowing sub conscious information to be brought forth into consciousness. As a channel and messenger for the Universe there is a sacred agreement that no information will be brought to me in the session that the being I am with is not ready to receive. This is how we are both protected and I am free to bring whatever comes forth. It is from here that one can look at what is happening on a deeper level and with study and process can understand what is needed to heal and move forward.



Relationships are an interesting phenomenon. They seem to be what most all humans want, and yet their ability to be in them, sustain them, nurture them, and grow within them proves to be difficult. When they enter into relationships they create pictures of what they want them to be, and have a hard time seeing and staying in what is real. The foundations of the relationships begin to be built on false ideals. Then aspects of the human personality that have been created as defense mechanisms begin to appear. Feelings are not studied, they are projected. The past is infused into the present, and there is no ability to be in the moment fresh and free from what every other relationship has meant. Needs are thought to be met outside of the self, and needs of others become demands, compromises, and a basis for identity.

But the greatest downfall of really every human relationship is the lack of relationship to self. How do you relate to yourself? Do you take the time to study your thoughts and their origin? Do you ask yourself what is really real about what you are thinking and feeling? Do you spend time going towards your discomfort to see how YOU are creating it, and in that time spent see how you can create differently so that you are in comfort? Do you practice letting go of outcomes and allow for the moment to expose itself?

What would your relationships be like if you took the time to develop your relationship to yourself and stopped expecting to find your happiness, completion, and self in another? I’ll tell you, some would cease to exist, and that would be good. Others would heal, and that would be good. And still others would deepen and expand, and that would be good. What would your life be like if you were your most sought out relationship? Love yourself and you will naturally love others. Give to yourself and you will naturally give to others. Care for yourself and you will inherently care for others. See what is real about yourself and you will see what is real about others. Then know you are spirit, they are spirit, and your relationship to them is only as valuable as your relationship to yourself.



Choice is one of the greatest gifts you have and exists in every moment. It is the gift of creation, power, and freedom. Choice is the same as free will. You are free to choose what you think and how you feel. The creation of your life is a result of what you do with each and every one of your thoughts and feelings. The Heart takes full responsibility for its decisions. They are made from a place of love and care for the self, for only in loving and caring for the self can you love and care for others. Decisions of the Heart refuse to acquiesce to the Mind, thereby relinquishing it from control. The Mind is often hurt, angry, and self righteous about decisions made in the Heart. The Mind does not want to know it has a choice for how it feels and what it thinks, because to know that means it is responsible for its actions. The Mind’s equation is based on others being responsible for its feelings, and so naturally what occurs as a result of those feelings it is not responsible for either. This very lack of responsibility is what relinquishes it from accountability. Either way, to take responsibility for the self or not is still a choice. And that choice creates. And so the question is, are your choices creating a life that brings you comfort, peace, and joy, and if not, what are you choosing instead?

Letting Go

Letting go can be a difficult endeavor. It entails change. It means you can no longer hold on to that which you held onto. Often times it involves letting go of one you have loved, a relationship you have cherished, an investment of time, intimacy and shared experiences. Even when the relationship has been difficult, sometimes abusive, it can still be hard to let go because that which you held onto was the Hope that things would change or get better. What’s interesting is that often letting go IS the change that makes things better, and so you must trust the rightness of the act and allow for the outcome to be that which it becomes. More often than not the one you are letting go of cannot feel the rightness of the act, but this does not make it wrong.

I speak to your heart when I say Love never lets go of Love, it is not possible, but in order to preserve its purity love must let go of that which is not loving. You can let go of someone and still love them all the while. Actually, letting go can be the greatest act of love. When a being willfully chooses to live in, believe in, and invest their time and energy in the mind’s world, then they do not love themselves. And so you must let go, move aside, and allow them to create so they can experience and feel the manifestations of their choices without the crutch of love holding them up. Sooner or later they will fall or learn to stand on their own. If they learn to love themselves enough to live in the rightness of the heart, then there love will be, not holding them up but standing equally beside them. If they do not learn to love themselves enough to stand on their own they will find themselves living a shallow existence, and so you will have let go of nothing real. Either way, letting go with grace, in love, is a gift you give yourself and the one you let go of.

Ethereal Guidance

Channeled guidance is guidance from the most exquisite source. Ascended Master Andua has complete understanding about what is real about who you are and what you need to help you move forward. He is a master at bringing understanding to all situations and it is understanding that brings comfort and the courage to change.


Acceptance sounds as though it is a compromise when in actuality it is a release. To reach a place of acceptance you must first understand that all things can be made right within you. Your peace, your comfort, your own understanding of what is, is not contingent on anything outside of you, as it should be. How can your existence be personal if the control of your feelings and understandings are not coming from you? And so, with complete control over finding your own understanding of why something is the way it is you are free to release judgment and explore until you find a meaning or a purpose that brings you comfort. To find true meaning you must leave the limited scope of humanness and go to a bigger picture, the one that includes you as Spirit in a human experience. Spirit in a human experience seeks to understand everything from the perspective of evolution. From that perspective the question to ask is “how is this FOR me and for MY growth?” When you can answer these questions you will have the understanding you need to release yourself from your hold on how you think something should be, or what you would like it to be. You will accept it for what it is, with the knowing that it is right, and be free to let it go and let it be.

Teachings from Ascended Master Andua


Balance is not simply an action or a concept; it is a primary human need. Without it the connection to self becomes as thin as a thread and it does not take much to break that thread. Without the connection to self you are limited and in a basic specie survival mode of reaction.

The connection to self is necessary in order to process and understand what is occurring inside of you. All day, in every waking moment and during sleep you are having emotional and physical feelings that are messages trying to communicate to you what you need, what you need to do, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and many other things that you are either understanding, listening to, and following, or ignoring, suppressing, and dismissing because you do not take the time to be with what you are feeling.Continue reading “Teachings from Ascended Master Andua”