Spiritual Life Coaching by Adrianna

Hello and welcome to my passion!

I already know three things about you. You are a seeker. You want to further your evolution in this lifetime. You are looking for guidance.

Those aren’t my psychic abilities talking, it’s decades of experience and the countless clients I’ve sat with that have taught me what they all have in common.

These aren’t prerequisites to coaching. They’re natural longings born from the call of your spirit to your human to move forward and search for the answers to your life in a way that is deeply personal beyond what anyone else thinks or says about you, even beyond your own preconceived ideas about yourself. There’s a desire to understand your past, get in touch with your purpose, and engage in a meaningful way with those around you.

If I become your coach, here’s where we’ll start and what we’ll do together.

First of all, building a strong foundation is the primary key to all that follows. Everything you feel, think, and do will be filtered through the groundwork we set.

It is a foundation based on duality, two worlds,  human and spirit, and the understanding of what is real and not real about the environment you’ve been born into. Existing foundations require demolition of all the parts that are weak and faulty.

We will repair and construct a solid base that depends on nothing outside of you. This will give you complete control of your life regardless of what other’s choose. There are very specific building blocks that must be in place in order to create the life you deserve and are meant to live.

Once in place, you will be given life tools…

…that work symbiotically with the foundational base of knowledge. These tools are what you will use in all situations that bring you discomfort, confusion, and uncertainty.

Once you’ve been given them, you will learn how to use them appropriately based on actual life situations. We will break down and unpack the obstacles, real and imagined.

One issue at a time, you will begin to see which world you are accessing your thoughts, feelings, and information from.

You will then understand what to do with what you know. This understanding is critical to the success of your evolution and your peace and comfort on Earth.  If you’re ready, let’s begin.


$150 per hour*

*rate adjustment considered for special circumstances 

Free Phone Consultation

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