Reiki: Energy Clearing and Spirit Reading

Clearing Blocks that Can Cause Pain and Disease

The human body archives information that is derived from physical and emotional experiences. Painful or difficult experiences left unattended or unresolved create blocks in the body’s chakras and general energetic system. Sometimes these blocks also manifest physically creating pain or disease.

Adrianna Kalember is a gifted healer who is able to see, hear, and read energetic information within these blocks as she facilitates their removal.

During the process she is often able to communicate directly with your Spirit to receive additional information for a deeper understanding of the core issue. This understanding has the ability to bring profound comfort and expedite healing.

The Experience

The Reiki is performed lying face up on a massage table, fully clothed, and is approximately 50 minutes long.

It is deeply relaxing and creates space within the energetic system leaving you with a greater sense of lightness and ease.

At the end of the clearing Adrianna will share with you any information she has received. Information does not come if there is not readiness to receive it.

The Healer

Adrianna has devoted her life to spiritual exploration, internal examination, and the development, integration, and implementation of her multifaceted psychic abilities.

The gift of sight through her hands came from a miraculous healing she received in Lourdes. After the healing she began the study of energy in the human body and became a massage therapist.

Over the years she experienced just how profoundly the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual energies relate to one another. To know more about Adrianna and her story, please visit the About page. To make an appointment please contact Adrianna.

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$150 per hour.*

*rate adjustment considered for special circumstances 

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