Letting Go

Letting go can be a difficult endeavor. It entails change. It means you can no longer hold on to that which you held onto. Often times it involves letting go of one you have loved, a relationship you have cherished, an investment of time, intimacy and shared experiences. Even when the relationship has been difficult,Continue reading “Letting Go”

Ethereal Guidance

Channeled guidance is guidance from the most exquisite source. Ascended Master Andua has complete understanding about what is real about who you are and what you need to help you move forward. He is a master at bringing understanding to all situations and it is understanding that brings comfort and the courage to change.


Acceptance sounds as though it is a compromise when in actuality it is a release. To reach a place of acceptance you must first understand that all things can be made right within you. Your peace, your comfort, your own understanding of what is, is not contingent on anything outside of you, as it shouldContinue reading “Acceptance”