Balance is not simply an action or a concept; it is a primary human need. Without it the connection to self becomes as thin as a thread and it does not take much to break that thread. Without the connection to self you are limited and in a basic specie survival mode of reaction.

The connection to self is necessary in order to process and understand what is occurring inside of you. All day, in every waking moment and during sleep you are having emotional and physical feelings that are messages trying to communicate to you what you need, what you need to do, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and many other things that you are either understanding, listening to, and following, or ignoring, suppressing, and dismissing because you do not take the time to be with what you are feeling.

Taking time to be with the self is a critical part of the balance needed in order to live and thrive in well being. Otherwise, you are deprived of the very self that can comfort you, help you, and grow you into the being you are meant to be. Do not underestimate who you are by dismissing the need to be with yourself. If you are not spending quiet time in reflection of what you are feeling, and what is happening to you in your life and learning from it then you are missing the very reason you are here.