Andua on Conscious Awareness

Conscious awareness is a state of beingness. It is an attunement to all that is occurring in any given moment inside and outside of the self. It requires the internal self to be fully aware and in present moment. This awareness is simultaneously to self and one’s feeling state and to the external environment and it’s effects on the feeling state.

As you can see, the feeling state and your awareness to it is at the locus of consciousness. That is because Spirit resides in an eternal state of feeling, not thinking. Your feelings are the compass that are there to guide you. They hold the key to all the information you would ever need to know about how to love and care for the self in any given moment.

However, there is an inherent problem to this equation. You must first and foremost develop a relationship to the world from which your feelings are originating. Remember, there are two worlds operating here simultaneously, the love based, eternal world of the heart and the fear based, temporal world of the mind/ego.

If you do not know from which world your feelings are originating, your information and direction could be flawed creating discomfort and difficulty instead of comfort and knowing. Developing the relationship to your feelings and from which world they are originating is a process that requires dedication to studying what is really at the core of what you are feeling.

Clearly study requires thinking, it is the means by which the human processes information but it is a lesser state of beingness that in the end should always take you back to your feeling state; how do you feel about the information you are learning and what are those feelings teaching you? In order to get to the core of your feelings you must spend time with each layer of them. The first layer is the most superficial and charged but it rarely holds the key of understanding to what is really happening inside of you and therefore what is needed to move forward in love.

Paying attention to where you are inside in thought and feeling is the awareness you need to change your beingness  from unconscious reaction to conscious action. Whether you are consciously aware or unconsciously removed, you are still in a relationship to your thoughts, feelings, and the world outside of you and creating your reality. The difference is when you are unconsciously removed from your actions and reactions what you create will  most likely not be from the right world and you will seemingly not have control over what happens to you.

But when you begin to live your life in present moment and from the conscious awareness to what you are feeling and what you need, the axis of your world will shift from outside in to inside out and you will be in full control of your reality.

So in conclusion, conscious awareness is a state of beingness that resides in present moment and is fully attuned to the internal state of one’s feelings for the sloe purpose of knowing what is needed in any given moment in order to love and care for the self. And it is in loving and caring for the self from the right world that one love and cares for all beings.