Letting go can be a difficult endeavor. It entails change. It means you can no longer hold on to that which you held onto. Often times it involves letting go of one you have loved, a relationship you have cherished, an investment of time, intimacy and shared experiences. Even when the relationship has been difficult, sometimes abusive, it can still be hard to let go because that which you held onto was the Hope that things would change or get better. What’s interesting is that often letting go IS the change that makes things better, and so you must trust the rightness of the act and allow for the outcome to be that which it becomes. More often than not the one you are letting go of cannot feel the rightness of the act, but this does not make it wrong.

I speak to your heart when I say Love never lets go of Love, it is not possible, but in order to preserve its purity love must let go of that which is not loving. You can let go of someone and still love them all the while. Actually, letting go can be the greatest act of love. When a being willfully chooses to live in, believe in, and invest their time and energy in the mind’s world, then they do not love themselves. And so you must let go, move aside, and allow them to create so they can experience and feel the manifestations of their choices without the crutch of love holding them up. Sooner or later they will fall or learn to stand on their own. If they learn to love themselves enough to live in the rightness of the heart, then there love will be, not holding them up but standing equally beside them. If they do not learn to love themselves enough to stand on their own they will find themselves living a shallow existence, and so you will have let go of nothing real. Either way, letting go with grace, in love, is a gift you give yourself and the one you let go of.