Acceptance sounds as though it is a compromise when in actuality it is a release. To reach a place of acceptance you must first understand that all things can be made right within you. Your peace, your comfort, your own understanding of what is, is not contingent on anything outside of you, as it should be.

How can your existence be personal if the control of your feelings and understandings are not coming from you? And so, with complete control over finding your own understanding of why something is the way it is you are free to release judgment and explore until you find a meaning or a purpose that brings you comfort.

To find true meaning you must leave the limited scope of humanness and go to a bigger picture, the one that includes you as Spirit in a human experience. Spirit in a human experience seeks to understand everything from the perspective of evolution. From that perspective the question to ask is “how is this FOR me and for MY growth?”

When you can answer these questions you will have the understanding you need to release yourself from your hold on how you think something should be, or what you would like it to be. You will accept it for what it is, with the knowing that it is right, and be free to let it go and let it be.