Relationships are an interesting phenomenon. They seem to be what most all humans want, and yet their ability to be in them, sustain them, nurture them, and grow within them proves to be difficult. When they enter into relationships they create pictures of what they want them to be, and have a hard time seeing and staying in what is real. The foundations of the relationships begin to be built on false ideals. Then aspects of the human personality that have been created as defense mechanisms begin to appear. Feelings are not studied, they are projected. The past is infused into the present, and there is no ability to be in the moment fresh and free from what every other relationship has meant. Needs are thought to be met outside of the self, and needs of others become demands, compromises, and a basis for identity.

But the greatest downfall of really every human relationship is the lack of relationship to self. How do you relate to yourself? Do you take the time to study your thoughts and their origin? Do you ask yourself what is really real about what you are thinking and feeling? Do you spend time going towards your discomfort to see how YOU are creating it, and in that time spent see how you can create differently so that you are in comfort? Do you practice letting go of outcomes and allow for the moment to expose itself?

What would your relationships be like if you took the time to develop your relationship to yourself and stopped expecting to find your happiness, completion, and self in another? I’ll tell you, some would cease to exist, and that would be good. Others would heal, and that would be good. And still others would deepen and expand, and that would be good. What would your life be like if you were your most sought out relationship? Love yourself and you will naturally love others. Give to yourself and you will naturally give to others. Care for yourself and you will inherently care for others. See what is real about yourself and you will see what is real about others. Then know you are spirit, they are spirit, and your relationship to them is only as valuable as your relationship to yourself.

Teachings from Ascended Master Andua


Balance is not simply an action or a concept; it is a primary human need. Without it the connection to self becomes as thin as a thread and it does not take much to break that thread. Without the connection to self you are limited and in a basic specie survival mode of reaction.

The connection to self is necessary in order to process and understand what is occurring inside of you. All day, in every waking moment and during sleep you are having emotional and physical feelings that are messages trying to communicate to you what you need, what you need to do, where to go, what to do, what not to do, and many other things that you are either understanding, listening to, and following, or ignoring, suppressing, and dismissing because you do not take the time to be with what you are feeling. Continue reading