Choice is one of the greatest gifts you have and exists in every moment. It is the gift of creation, power, and freedom. Choice is the same as free will. You are free to choose what you think and how you feel. The creation of your life is a result of what you do with each and every one of your thoughts and feelings. The Heart takes full responsibility for its decisions. They are made from a place of love and care for the self, for only in loving and caring for the self can you love and care for others. Decisions of the Heart refuse to acquiesce to the Mind, thereby relinquishing it from control. The Mind is often hurt, angry, and self righteous about decisions made in the Heart. The Mind does not want to know it has a choice for how it feels and what it thinks, because to know that means it is responsible for its actions. The Mind’s equation is based on others being responsible for its feelings, and so naturally what occurs as a result of those feelings it is not responsible for either. This very lack of responsibility is what relinquishes it from accountability. Either way, to take responsibility for the self or not is still a choice. And that choice creates. And so the question is, are your choices creating a life that brings you comfort, peace, and joy, and if not, what are you choosing instead?